We are currently also offering Virtual Removal Surveys over Video to Avoid Contact if desired. Book an appointment today

Shipping or Storage

We provide a full shipping service, taking the stress out of your international move, but if you don’t want or can’t take everything with you we offer both short or long-term storage solutions all protected by our security and surveillance systems.

Removal Solutions For Any Location.

International Worldwide Moves and OVERSEAS Shipping

International moves are never to be taken lightly. There’s an enormous amount of planning, detail work, stress and legal matters to take care of. To help you with this, RH Pardy Removal Services takes the hassle out of the logistics. We plan everything, from point to point, ensuring that your international move goes as swiftly and smoothly as possible

We’re Here To Help

Moving overseas is a very personal thing and there’s no right way to do it. You might want to sell your belongings and start again, take everything that you have with you or something in-between. Whatever you choose, we will support you fully and give you the service that you need. If you need item storage while housing is sorted out, just ask us.

Everything you need in one place

From cartons, boxes, tapes, accessories and locks we have everything you need to pack your items to ensure your possessions remain in good condition

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