How to Choose a Removals Company in Christchurch, Dorset

R.H. Pardy Removals company in Christchurch

Are you trying to choose a removals company in Christchurch?

Moving house is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events.

Amidst the chaos of packing boxes and bidding farewell to your old home, the last thing you need is a removals issue!

If you’re living in or around the lovely town of Christchurch, Dorset, and facing the often daunting task of relocating, you’re in luck.

R.H Pardy has designed this guide to be your one-stop-shop for removals in the area.

Pack full of tips, tricks, and insights on choosing a reliable removals company that won’t disappoint.

We will walk you through the selection process, highlighting certain aspects of moving that you may not have considered!

We hope this guide helps you pick a removals company in Christchurch.

Understanding Your Needs

Your moving needs
Understanding your moving needs is essential when starting to plan your relocation. Image credit: Pixabay

Moving home is a huge event but not one that we embark on all that often.

Because of this, it is extremely important that you develop an understanding of what your requirements are.

With moves tending to come few and far between, we thought it would help to quickly go through some of the most common requirements people have when moving.

Are you looking for a full-service move with a removals company that will pack, transport, and unpack your belongings?

Or do you need a simple man-with-a-van service?

Understanding your requirements is at the heart of finding a service that is tailored to your needs.

Research is Key

Once you have developed a clear picture of your needs, it’s time to start searching for the perfect company.

A good starting point is to ask friends, family, or local social media groups for recommendations.

Personal endorsements are a huge factor in the moving industry and local reputation will count for a lot when moving in Christchurch.

The Importance of Local Knowledge

Christchurch, Dorset
Christchurch, Dorset. Image credit: Pexels

As well as reputation in the area, local knowledge is also a key consideration.

So, why opt for a local company?

A Christchurch-based firm like R.H Pardy will have in-depth knowledge of the area, from the narrow streets to parking regulations, ensuring a smoother move all around.

Checking Credentials

Once you’ve shortlisted a few companies, it’s time to take a deeper look at how they operate.

Many people moving are not aware of what credentials to look for in a removals company.

As a general rule, you should look for companies with memberships in recognised trade organisations like the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Removals firms with BAR membership should provide a higher level of reliability because they must adhere to the high standards set out for all members.

Check Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews and testimonials offer invaluable insights into a company’s performance.

Sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews can provide a glimpse into other customers’ experiences.

So, when searching for your ideal mover be sure to check online for their reviews.

We would recommend looking at the quality, quantity and frequency of a company’s reviews.

This should give you a great insight into their services.

You can check out our Google reviews here.

What Services are Offered?

Professional Removals Team

Some companies go the extra mile when it comes to their moving services.

Depending on the needs that you established earlier you may wish to look for a company that offers packing, storage, and even furniture assembly services.

If these are relevant to your move, consider them in your decision-making process.

Getting Quotes for Your Move

Obtaining detailed quotes from at least three companies is wise.

Ensure these are based on in-home or video surveys rather than via rough estimates over the phone.

This will help you to avoid unexpected costs later on, which are understandably never a nice addition to a move!

Insurance Matters

Be sure to check what insurance cover you have for your move. Image credit: Unsplash

Ensure your chosen company offers comprehensive insurance for their moves

Insurance coverage will go some way to protecting your possessions during transit, giving you peace of mind that if something goes wrong you will be covered.

Be sure to ask each removals company about their insurance options when you enquire with them.

Communication is Key

A company that communicates clearly and promptly from the get-go is likely to provide a stress-free moving experience.

When you speak to each company, pay some mind to their responsiveness and attitude during your initial interactions.

You should get a good feeling about how they manage their relationship with you and what you can expect from them going forward.

Eco-friendly Movers

With growing environmental awareness, it is always worth considering using a company that utilises green practices.

This can include things such as using recyclable packing materials or fuel-efficient vehicles.

Another key thing to consider is virtual video surveys.

These surveys are conducted online and are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to having a survey come to your house in person.

So, be sure to ask if this is an option for your move!

Get Your Move Started

R.H-Pardy-truck-in-front-of-a- house-moving
R.H Pardy truck

Choosing a reliable removals company in Christchurch, Dorset, need not be a daunting task.

Armed with the right knowledge and a clear understanding of your needs, you can find a partner that makes your move as seamless as possible.

Remember, the key to a stress-free move is thorough research, clear communication, and a bit of preparation.

At R.H Pardy Moving & Storage LTD, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your move.

With years of experience moving individuals and families in Christchurch, R.H Pardy Moving & Storage Limited can assist you with every aspect of your move.

Our specialist team can guide you throughout every aspect of your relocation journey.

For added assurance, you will have the knowledge that you are dealing with a member of the British Association of Removers.

For more information about our removals services and to help with any questions you may have, be sure to give us a call today at 01202499390, or fill out our quick and easy contact form here.

A member of our team will be more than happy to help you answer your questions and get your move started in no time!