A Guide to the Best Places to Live in Bournemouth

Looking for the best places to live in Bournemouth?

Whether you’re considering a move to Bournemouth or simply curious about the best locales within this vibrant coastal city, our guide provides an overview of the top areas to call home.

Bournemouth, known for its stunning beaches and lively cultural scene, offers a variety of different areas, each with unique charms and conveniences.

Before we jump straight into what each of these areas has to offer, we will give you a quick look at what makes Bournemouth a great place to live on the whole.

There are so many great reasons to consider a move to Bournemouth, so be sure to check out what is on offer.

We hope that you find your new home amongst our list of best places to live in Bournemouth.

Great Transport Links

Bournemouth Train Station
Bournemouth Train Station. Image credit: Wikipedia

Moving to Bournemouth offers exceptional convenience thanks to its superb transport links, connecting residents not only locally but also across the UK.

By road, the A338 acts as a direct artery to London, ensuring a smooth drive to the capital.

Additionally, local bus services are frequent and reliable, facilitating easy access to nearby towns and the scenic Dorset countryside.

Bournemouth Railway Station enhances the town’s connectivity with regular train services to major cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

These frequent and efficient rail connections make commuting or travelling for leisure from Bournemouth both easy and convenient.

Moreover, Bournemouth is also supported by its international airport, which provides routes to a variety of European destinations.

Whether you’re commuting, exploring the UK, or venturing abroad, moving to Bournemouth means you’re exceptionally well-connected.

Schools and Education

Bournemouth boasts a robust educational scene, featuring an array of schools and higher education institutions.

The city is home to 85 primary schools and 39 secondary schools, providing ample options for families.

Additionally, Bournemouth supports further education with 31 institutions for sixth-form and college students, catering to those aged 16-18.

Among the primary schools, 16 have earned an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted, including notable institutions like Mudeford Junior School, Queen’s Park Academy, and Pokesdown Community Primary School.

The secondary education scene is equally impressive, with 10 schools achieving ‘Outstanding’ status.

Prominent among these are Glenmoor Academy, Winton Academy, and Bournemouth School, each celebrated for their academic excellence.

Higher education prospects are vibrant due to the presence of the University of Bournemouth, which offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines.

This rich educational environment makes Bournemouth an ideal place for academic growth and development.

Employment in Bournemouth

If you’re considering relocating to Bournemouth, it’s important to understand the local job market and the various employment opportunities available.

The economy in Bournemouth is predominantly service-based, with a significant emphasis on financial services, public services, and a flourishing tourism sector.

These industries are pivotal in driving economic growth and maintaining a low unemployment rate in the area.

Additionally, Bournemouth hosts two prestigious universities, which not only attract a large number of domestic and international students but also contribute significantly to the local economy through education and associated activities.

Another key sector in Bournemouth is the digital economy, which has seen substantial growth in recent years.

There are a range of opportunities for professionals in tech and creative industries in the city.

With its diverse economic landscape, Bournemouth presents a promising environment for both established professionals and those seeking new career paths.


Southbourne Beach
Southbourne Beach. Image credit: Unsplash

Southbourne is a desirable area, particularly for families and retirees. Its tranquil environment is complemented by the beautiful Southbourne Beach.

The area boasts excellent schools and a variety of eateries and shops along Southbourne Grove. It’s also well-connected with efficient bus routes to the town centre.


Westbourne, located west of the town centre, is famous for its Victorian charm. The area is bustling with boutiques, cafes, and bars, offering a lively atmosphere. It has easy access to both Bournemouth and Poole, making it a great spot for commuters. The proximity to Alum Chine Beach and Bournemouth Gardens is an added bonus.


Ideal for students and young professionals, Winton is close to Bournemouth University and offers a range of affordable housing options. The high street is lined with shops, pubs, and restaurants, providing a vibrant community vibe. Winton is also well-served by public transport, making it easy to explore the rest of the city.


Boscombe, Bournemouth
Boscombe, Bournemouth, Image credit: Unsplash

Boscombe attracts a diverse range of residents with its creative scene and seaside location. The area has been revitalized with investment in local amenities including the Boscombe Pier and the O2 Academy. It also offers good schools and sports facilities, making it a family-friendly option.


Known for its diverse population and bustling high street, Charminster offers an array of international cuisines, independent shops, and lively bars. The area has several reputable schools and excellent bus links to the town center, making it ideal for families and young professionals alike.

Moving to Bournemouth?

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Hopefully you feel a little more well informed about the best places to live in Bournemouth.

Each of these neighborhoods in Bournemouth has its own personality and perks, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you seek the quiet charm of Southbourne or the youthful vibe of Winton, Bournemouth provides a splendid backdrop to build a life.

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